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Patent and Utility Models

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Patent and Utility Models
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General Information

  • Types of patent: invention patent, utility model patent, and design patent.
  • Examination procedures:
    • Invention: acceptance, preliminary examination, publication, substantive examination, Resolution publication and grant.
    • Utility model and design: acceptance, preliminary examination and grant.
  • Power of Attorney (Legalized by a Honduran Consulate or apostille)
  • Name and address of the applicant

    Title of invention or utility model
  • Name and address of the inventor(s) .In this case and if the inventor(s) is not the applicant  the deed of assignment of the rights (legalized Honduran Consulate or apostille).
  • Two  exemplary of the description
  • Two exemplary of the claims
  • Two exemplary of the drawings (if applicable)
  • Two exemplary of the summary

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